Community Profile


Matt Adnate acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands in which he works and creates on and their Elders past and present.

Adnate hopes that the murals he’s created will contribute to the change in society’s views and educate the public for as long as the murals and canvas can stand.

He has learnt the importance of engaging with communities and consultation with elders and significant figures. This is a process that is important to stay true to the message he is sending through his work to the public. 

In addition to Adnate’s regular charity work he runs an annual independent fundraiser. This is done through the sales of his artworks, reaching Indigenous communities that have been the main focus of inspiration for the year with murals and exhibitions. Due to the massive success of these fundraisers, Adnate will continue this for many years to come. 

You can download a pdf outlining Adnate's community profile here.